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At Krieser Chiropractic: Family Wellness Center, Healthcare is personal again!

In a world of industrialized healthcare where you feel more like a number than an individual, we provide a healing environment that is welcoming, friendly and personal. At Krieser Chiropractic: Family Wellness Center, we provide the Lakeland area with the best chiropractic and wellness services possible. Dr. Ken and his team offer care that is safe, effective and specific to each patient's individual needs ranging from low back pain, headaches, extremity pain, sports injuries, disc problems, colic, bed wetting, asthma, and chronic ear infections. They strive to restore health as efficiently as possible so that you can get back to enjoying life. As a group, they focus on natural methods that are practical and sustainable for the whole family.

Dr. Krieser utilizes the Gonstead method which is a system of chiropractic care involving structural (x-ray), thermographic (heat), kinesthetic (motion) and soft tissue analysis. This allows him to provide the proper adjustment, in the proper way, at the proper time. Gonstead adjustments are biomechanically sound by limiting twisting and rotation which can be harmful to the cartilage discs of the spine. This provides the opportunity for maximum healing and optimal health.

We are always accepting new patients, because our old ones keep getting better!

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W329 N4362 Lakeland Dr
Nashotah, WI 53058

We are located 2.5 miles North of downtown Delafield and 0.5 miles South of Hwy 16 on County Road C.

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