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"My husband, Don and I have received the best care possible from Dr. Krieser and that is what keeps us coming back when we need a tune up. He is considerate and really listens to our needs. I am always amazed at how readily he can pinpoint the very spot that is tender or sore. Sometimes, all it takes is just one treatment to feel much better. We appreciate Dr. Krieser's friendliness, his competence and his dedication. We have never experienced pushiness or aggressive care in his office, but have experienced that elsewhere. We are happy to recommend him to other family members and friends and often do just that!" - Jeanette and Don M.

"Qualifying for the Boston Marathon following an injury: "Big shout out to Dr. Ken Krieser at Krieser Family Chiropractic for helping me get through my training which led me to my race. Ken Krieser you do AMAZING work and listen to your patients. I owe you and your team!!!! I'm proof that chiropractic work DOES work and not just for people with bad backs. Cheers my friend." - Brian B

"I was skeptical at first when going to Krieser Family Chiropractic not knowing too much about chiropractic. Not only did I get past that perception, but I am a raving fan!" - Craig S.

"My experience with Krieser Family Chiropractic has been a blessing. Dr. Ken is very gentle, but very insightful in how to care for me. Both Dr. Ken and his massage therapist are an answer to prayer! They are meeting my needs beyond my expectations! Thanks!" - Dawn R.

"The welcome at my first visit was as if we all had been friends for years. Paulette was my first impression and I was "IN". Dr. Ken sealed the deal with wonderful expertise and care" Keep on serving the way you are? You are definitely doing God's work!" - Sherri H

The first time, he surpassed my pre-conceived expectations. We love coming to see Dr. Ken! He and his staff are friendly, accepting, caring, smiley,warm and they are great with pediatric patients." - Cameran S.

"Dr. Ken is thorough and always has suggestions for how to improve our physical health" -Becky R.

"Thanks for the excellent care while my usual chiropractor was not available. I never would have made the trip to Hawaii without your help. Our vacation was terrific -thanks again!"
--Karen R.

"I tried another chiropractor after we moved but went only once and decided to return to Dr. Ken. He is worth driving 100 miles (one way) for!" -Bill H.

"The only way I can express my experience at Krieser Family Chiropractic is FANTASTIC! Keep doing what you are doing!" Jessica R.

Message forwarded by a patient who referred Dr. Ken to her friend...

"YES. She saw Dr. Ken last Monday and she hasn't cried in her sleep since. This has been the longest period since September that she's slept through the nights! She saw him again yesterday, so we're hoping she just keeps getting better. I can't tell you how happy we are that you recommended Dr. Ken. He seems like an answer to our prayers."
--Message from Mary G. to Kelly H.

"My experience with Dr. Ken has been AWESOME. I love the "homey" feel and the food! I don't think that you can do anything better, because you are the BEST!"
--Michael S. & Rachel B.

Heaven on Earth Massage Therapy, LLC
"I so appreciate having someone I can trust to care for my clients. God bless!"
--Deb W.


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