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Gonstead chiropractic technique


Dr. Krieser utilizes the Gonstead chiropractic technique because of its reputation as the gold standard of high quality, full-spine chiropractic care.  We utilize x-rays for biomechanical analysis (as a blueprint for your spine), thermography to detect and monitor inflammation and static as well as motion palpation in order to assess function.  Utilizing the Gonstead system enables Dr. Krieser to generally achieve results faster and with fewer visits than most chiropractic care plans.

Muscles, connective tissue


Massage therapy is a valuable service for rehabilitating tight, painful and dysfunctional soft tissues (muscles, connective tissue).  Whether your problem is caused by a recent injury, repetitive use or a chronic (long term) problem, Jay will work hard to provide you with the pain relief, relaxation and improved function that you need.  Many patients find that a combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy work well together for achieving their healthcare goals.   

products and counseling


In a world where toxins and processed foods dominate our lives, nutritional support is vital for health.  At Krieser Chiropractic: Family Wellness Center, we offer nutritional products and counseling to counter inflammation and help your body function at its best.  We offer products from trusted companies such as Standard Process, Metagenics, Nutridyn, Protocol for Life Balance and NOW brands.  We will gladly price match or special order any products that we don’t currently carry at our office.  Lab testing is also available for food sensitivity, hormonal balance and blood serum levels.

experience in athletics


 Chiropractic care and massage have been an integral part of competitive sports for decades.  Dr. Krieser has years of experience in athletics as well as in caring for athletes.  Care is not limited to treatment of the spine alone, as he is skilled at treating extremities from shoulders, elbows, wrists, to knees, ankles and hips.  Dr. Ken is also proficient at applying kinesiotape to support acute injuries as well as stretching and counter strengthening methods for chronic conditions. 

accidents and injuries

INJURY compensation

Personal Injury/Automobile Accidents/Worker’s Compensation: Dr. Krieser has experience with all types of accidents and injuries.  Krieser Chiropractic: Family Wellness Center’s experienced staff will work with your lawyer, car insurance or worker’s compensation provider to make sure that you receive the care that you need without the hassles and headaches. 

 For common conditions

Pediatric Wellness Care

Pediatric Wellness Care:  Chiropractic care may not be an obvious choice for infants and children.  However, the traumas related to birth often go unnoticed.  We also experience frequent bumps and falls as we learn to walk, ride a bicycle and play sports.  Some common conditions that Dr. Krieser cares for include reoccurring ear infections, colic, torticollis, constipation, bed wetting and asthma.  If your parental instinct is telling you that something “is not right” with your child, Dr. Krieser is happy to evaluate them.  

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