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Massage therapy is a service that can augment chiropractic care or stand alone.

Jay G Ward. LMT

Jay Ward began massage therapy following his career in the US Armed Services.  His services include a range of techniques and modalities suited for each individual patient.  Jay’s massage therapy sessions focus on therapeutic relief and restorative relaxation.  This intuitive blend of Swedish massage and targeted muscle techniques work to decrease tension and increase range of motion.  This approach allows Jay to tailor each session to each individual patient.   

By focusing on soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc), patients can heal faster, hold adjustments longer and return to normal activities sooner. Massage therapy is also beneficial for relaxation, detoxification and overall stress relief.

Massage Therapy Prices

30 Minutes: $45

60 Minutes: $85

90 Minutes: $125

3 Pack of 60 Minutes: $225  Save $30

3 Pack of 90 Minutes: $330  Save $45

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